Cymraeg (Welsh): I love you

  • Yr wy fi'n garu chi. That's it, but I can't vouch for the spelling.
    (Er ooey veen garry chi - with rolled r's and a Scottish ch)
    "Rwy'n dy garu di" is perfect. If you want a bit more of a nothern sound to it, say "Dwi'n dy garu di".

    The option given by Suehil is sort of correct, but overly literate, formal and a bit olde-worlde.

    If you wanted something for literature though that was a bit more old fashioned, then you could say 'Yr wyf fi'n dy garu di' or 'Yr wyf fi'n eich caru chi', but as I say, very old fashioned!
    I hope someone is still going to see a post on an old thread.

    I'm an author wanting to confirm colloquial usage in Welsh for the phrase "I love you" as said by a man (from the South) to a woman. Is "Rwy'n dy gari di" the only correct way to say this? I also keep seeing "Cara 'ch" (or "Caru 'ch") My characters are both young, so I need something that really sounds more modern. Can either phrase be used? Is Cara 'ch just more casual?

    Thanks for your answers...
    This is probably too late to help, but just in case...

    Cara'ch means 'Love your...', as in 'Love your mother'. It can't be used on its own - it's always part of an imperative phrase.

    Rwy'n dy garu di is correct but is more formal or poetic, and it would sound weird if you said it to a loved one.

    In colloquial Welsh, it would be fi'n caru ti (I love you) or caru ti (love you) in the South, Dwi'n caru chdi (I love you) or caru chdi (love you) in the North.