Cymraeg (Welsh): Translation of "threshing floor"


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I would like to know if there is/are an/any equivalent term/s in Welsh for the English term threshing floor. These were generally circular areas with a stone floor over which oxen treaded on cereals in order to separate the chaff from the grain.

Thank you very much.
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    Here you go:

    Geiriadur yr Academi | The Welsh Academy English-Welsh Dictionary Online 'threshing'

    "llawr (n.m.) dyrnu"

    Bruce also proposes, "talwrn", but this suggests ambiguity as it could also mean "cock-pit" (the older sense, where you had cocks fighting each other for 'sporting' purposes.)

    I'm confident however that if you do a detailed search of the dialects, there will be other expressions for "threshing floor". If you can read Cymraeg/Welsh well, you may want to look for the magazine "Llafar Gwlad" which deals with a lot of rural matters, especially from the earlier times. I'm also sure there are bilingual (Cym-Eng) glossaries of agricultural terms about. It's not really one of my specialisms as a translator, so can't recommend one off-hand.

    Perhaps googling something like "Termau Amaeth" ( = "Terms of Agriculture") might yield something.

    Pob lwc a diolch i ti am dy ddiddordeb yn y Gymraeg!
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