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I've been wondering about how to express that someone is half Cypriot and half German. I know that when it comes to the combination of two adjectives expressing two different nationalities, it is e.g. possible to speak of "Anglo-German relations" , same with Franco or Austro etc.
I'd like to know how I would have adapt the first adjective in combination with the second one in such a case. Is there a rule explaining how I can combine different nationalities in a similar way?

[Cypriot -> Cypr-iot -> Cypr-o / German -> ? ]

Thanks a lot in advance :)
  • entangledbank

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    In general, you don't. We only use the handful of common ones like Anglo-, Franco-, Russo-, Sino-, and don't try to form new ones for Japan or Zimbabwe. There is such a thing as the ancient Cypro-Minoan script, but for most combinations you just use the two adjectives together: Cypriot-German or German-Cypriot. After all, the two communities on the island are called Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot, though both Greco- and Turco- exist and are theoretically available. (Hmm. Don't ask me why they're usually not hyphenated. Use a hyphen for most combinations.)
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