Czech: hour(s) - day(s) - week(s)


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Forgive me if this is a basic question, but I am unsure of the correct grammar in Czech. I am trying to locate translations in Czech for:

1 hour
6 hours
12 hours
1 day
2 days
3 days
4 days
5 days
6 days
1 week
2 weeks

Thank you very much for taking the time to help me.

  • Here you go:

    1 hour - jedna hodina
    6 hours - šest hodin
    12 hours - dvanáct hodin
    1 day - jeden den
    2 days - dva dny/dni
    3 days - tři dny/dni
    4 days - čtyři dny/dni
    5 days - pět dní/dnů
    6 days - šest dní/dnů
    1 week - jeden týden
    2 weeks - dva týdny
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    Dny/dni (without an accent mark) is nominative plural. Numbers from 2 to 4 require this case.
    Dní (with an accent mark)/dnů is genitive plural. Numbers from 5 on require this case.

    It must be said that the word den follows an irregular declension, hence the doublets.
    Thus this mean I can use one or the other for 5 and 6 days or must I use both as you indicated?

    Thank you!
    The plural nominative is also dnové, but I suggest you to use the following forms:

    Nom. dny, týdny = days, weeks
    Gen. dnů, týdnů
    Dat. dnům, týdnům
    Acc. dny, týdny
    Loc. dnech, týdnech
    Instr. dny, týdny

    paradigma: hrad