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  1. How do you say "native speakers", "English speakers", "Czech speakers", "non-native speakers" in these languages?
  2. Jana337

    Jana337 Senior Member

    native speakers - rodilí mluvčí
    English/Czech speakers
    - if you mean natives: rodilí mluvčí angličtiny/češtiny
    - if you mean anyone who speaks English/Czech decently: mluvčí angličtiny/češtiny or a longer expression ("lidé, kteří hovoří anglicky/česky" or "lidé hovořící anglicky/česky" or "anglicky/česky hovořící lidé")
    non-native speakers - I have seen "nerodilí mluvčí" and consider it a neologism but it does not annoy me (your alternative is "lidé, pro které je (name of a language) cizí jazyk)

    native speakers - rodení hovorcovia
    English/Czech speakers
    - rodení hovorcovia angličtiny/češtiny
    - "ludia, ktorí hovoria po anglicky/česky" or "ludia hovoriaci po anglicky/česky" or "anglicky/česky hovoriaci ludia"
    non-native speakers - no Google links for the neologism, so just the long one: ludia, pro ktoré je xxx cudzí jazyk

    Hope this helps (and a lil confirmation from the Slovak brethern would be nice) . :)

  3. kosicanka New Member

    Slovak - Slovakia
    Almost perfect, Jana - as usual ;)
  4. Janka Senior Member

    I am a Slovak teacher and I would not think that rodeny hovorca means a native speaker. If you say this about somebody, it means that the person has talents to speak for somebody or for a group of people. We dont have an equivalent for a native speaker. There are too few people who would need to express this in our language.
  5. Jana337

    Jana337 Senior Member

    Well, I was not happy about it either but look here. Granted, not too many links but they use it precisely in the requested meaning.

    And welcome to the Slavic forum. :)

  6. Dekuji moc. A jak je v cestine/slovenstine "English-speaking world"?
  7. Jana337

    Jana337 Senior Member

    CZ: Anglicky mluvící svět
    SK: Anglicky hovoriaci svet


  8. Marga H Senior Member

    in Polish we don't have any good equivalent of the expression"native speaker".My dictionary says:"rodzimy użytkownik języka" but it sounds weird and I have never heard such a thing.It is the explanation and not the translation.In context :"He speaks English like a native speaker "you can say:Mówi po angielsku jak rodowity Anglik.
    English-speaking world = świat anglojęzyczny.
  9. werrr Senior Member

    Yes, I have the same feeling, but it's correct. Slovak rodený means both native and born/natural/congenital. In Czech, we have two separate words (rodilý = native, rozený = natural).
    In Czech, we can also say anglojazyčný, but it sounds a little studiedly. On the other hand, the erudite adjective anglofonní is perfect. Suprisingly, I never heard these adjectives in Slovak.
  10. Janka Senior Member

    Anglicky hovoriaci svet is very common in Slovak.
    Rodeny hovorca has to be accomodated in our language yet. But I agree, there is no other phrase which would express a native speaker in Slovak.
    BTW, thank you for letting me in :).
  11. Dekuji vsem. Dzekuje, Marga!

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