Débit d’appoint


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This is a specific capacity measurement for a waste water treatment facility.
I guess that it means "reserve volume flow" or "supplementary flow", but I can't find any reference to confirm it.
It may also be known as "débit d'eau d'appoint".

Is there a fluids engineer on board here ?

Many thanks in advance...
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    Thanks for responding - I think the "appoint" in my case actually refers to a "feedline" or "intake line", and perhaps also whatever gadgets and filters that are integrated to be able to treat the water as it passes through. As such, yes, the water is makeup water, but the "eau d'appoint" then translates better as "feedline water". But that's only my guess, and only applies to my specific context. Thanks for the hint to get me there... (even if I turn out to be wrong!)