décision de justice désignant tout Prestataire


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this is part of a contract. I don't understand what it means and need to translate it into English.

A défaut, il pourrait y être contraint, par décision de justice désignant tout Prestataire ad hoc pour procéder à une telle restitution.

So far, I have come up with : ' If he fails to do so, he could be forced by court judgement ...'

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance
  • Barsac

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    The question is about a restitution. Something must be returned to somebody, whom we shall call A, by somebody else, called B. But B is reluctant. A court judgement could be necessary to compel B to return to A what he owes him. This court judgement would be enforced by a Prestataire C, who has enough authority and power for that. The complete expression is "prestataire de services", service provider.

    "ad hoc" means litterally "for that". The service provider is competent for what he has to do. He might be what is called in french "huissier", and more or less "bailiff" in english. I am not competent in this domain.


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    Faisons une tentative :

    "Failing this, he could be constrained to do so by a Court ruling appointing any agent ad hoc to carry out a return (or refund)"
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