décor tout en rondeur

''Dans ce superbe décor tout en rondeur, véritable carte postale de la Normandie...''

Hi all, (especially mother tongue English!)! This is the beginning of a tourist guide about Normandy to be translated into English.

My attempt is:

''In this magnificent all-roundish setting, a real postcard of Normandy...''

Does it sound normal in English? It sounds strange to me but you never know!

Thanks for your suggestions!
  • Thank you all for your quick and enlightening contributions!

    I think I will go for Catay's suggestion about magnificent and harmonious setting, I really liked Sarah82 suggestion too, but I think that

    "In this magnificent and harmonious setting, a real postcard of Normandy...''

    Would flow a bit easier than

    "In the magnificent roundness of the setting, a real postcard of Normandy..."

    Thank you all and have a good day!
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