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I'm used to "tout terrain" in lots of contexts but not not sure how to translate it in the following sentence:

Nous vous attendons sur un site exceptionnel de 12 hectares entièrement dédié au tout terrain.

The site in question is in Ardèche and previous and subsequent sentences mention various sports. At the moment, the only way I can think of dealing with this is to turn it round, e.g.:

We look forward to welcoming you to our oustanding, 12-hectare, all-terrain site.

But I'm wondering whether anyone could come up with something closer/better...

Thanks in advance, as always!
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    Thanks both. I like your suggestion, wildan1, but perhaps not in this context: it that sounds a bit too much like mountain biking and text here also talks about flying, paragliding and canoeing, so will go with Haroldetmaud's.


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    "tout-terrain" in French is really limited to off-road activities with wheels and even more precisely engines.
    Every-body will link it to car or motorbike used off-road (in the wilderness or on a track)
    For bicycle and motorbike, you also use the term "cross".
    If you went to include a wide range of sports, from the list you mention, I would propose "sports à sensations".
    "sport de montagne" might also fit, but it is more used for environmentally friendly activities, which would today exclude engines.


    C'est vrai ce que disent Bubble_Jet et Wildan1...
    Quelque chose avec "no limit" ou "thrill" ?
    ou alors " our oustanding 12-hectare site dedicated to outdoor activities" ?
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