déficit post-critique

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I am translating a piece of medical reporting which includes notes on the patient's progress in hospital . At certain point I've come across this phrase which seems to be elusive to say the least. Can anyone think of a suitable and appropriate translation for it?

The context is shown below

Les causes
  • 'les crises d’épilepsie, le déficit peut être présent en précritique et/ou en post-critique' ; AND separately,
  • 'Dans l'hypothèse d'un éventuel déficit post critique...nous avons décidé à réaliser un EEG'

Many thanks as always

  • Uncle Bob

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    Since they are notes I wonder if "pre-ictal" and "post-ictal" are intended - I haven't found French equivalents for either.
    Maybe knowing what is deficient might help.


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    I don't know if it will help, but the word 'déficit' comes up twice in the WIkipédia article on "Epilepsie" in relation to neurological and neuropsychological tests...
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