dégagez le schéma actantiel

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    Could someone help me figure out what this question is please?:

    Dégagez le schéma actantiel en prenant pour sujet les Tuvache, dans un premier temps, et les Vallin, dans un second temps.

    Clear up the outline ________ taking for the subject the Tuvache family.....
  2. jann

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    The schéma actantiel must be something you studied in class. You can read about it here. It is a way to analyze the characters and their roles. The term was invented by the person who invented this kind of analysis.

    I don't know if there is an official translation, but you would have to invent an English word, probably something like "the actional/actorial (??) scheme". I'm afraid that translating won't help you very much if you didn't learn about how to do this kind of analysis in class!

    Dégager in this case doesn't mean "clear up," but rather "identify."
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    actantial schema/pattern
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    so it is saying to identify the characters and the roles of both the Vallin family and the Tuvache family (the 2 families in the story)?

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