déguster avec sagesse


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Can you translate the following sentence "Une bière brasée avec savoir se déguste avec sagesse" as "A beer brewed with knowledge is drunk with wisdom" or is there some kind of word-play with the expression "se déguster avec sagesse"?

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    Rather than a play on word I think it refers to the legal obligation to add "à consommer avec modération" when promoting any alcoholic beverage.
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    One more question, do you think "beer brewed with knowledge/craftsmanship should be treated with respect" would carry the same kind of connotation? because if you read between the lines "should be treated with respect" could, at the same time, be understood as "should not be abused" ?


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    Replacing "consommer" by "déguster" is the key to a meaningful translation here, I believe. I would say "should be enjoyed with measure" but that's for a native to say whether it works in English.


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    "[A well-brewed (-crafted) beer] should be enjoyed/savored with moderation."?
    Yes. Another frequent expression one sees in US advertising is Enjoyed responsibly:



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    Yes. Another frequent expression one sees in US advertising is Enjoy responsibly:
    This is definitely the de facto equivalent, if not the literal equivalent. I instantly recognize both the OP’s phrase and wildan’s suggestion (as well as ain’ttranslationfun’s suggestion "with moderation") as ubiquitous marketing language, veiled euphemistic commands not to overdo it. These are the standard ways to express it in advertisement — whereas the other suggestions simply do not register for me.