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    You're right about how the word was coined. This neologism has appeared last August on twitter to qualify the teachers' mood when schools and universities were about to start again. One of these teachers was asked : - Chez vous comment se fera la rentrée, en distanciel ou en présentiel ? He answered : - En démerdentiel. A new word was born in connection with the corona crisis, the same as présentiel ( in the presence of the students ) or
    en distanciel ( through internet ) See here. In other words everyone will have to cope on his own.


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    Hmm... What could we say?

    Virtual school or in-person school? Virtually impossible school :eek:

    Maybe a little too grim?

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    A full sentence and proper context would help because it's not clear how "démerdentiel" is intended to function semantically or syntactically, what sort of register you're in, and so on, but my wing-it solution is "wing-it" or "winging-it" or (adjectivally) "fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants", or (maybe) "make it up as you go along", (maybe) "make the best of a bad job".
    While the president on an off-day can give Obama a run for his money in the "ahs" and "ums" department, he seldom makes the kind of "above my pay grade" gaffe that has come to characterize Obama in winging-it mode. (washingtonexaminer, 2008)

    Although 98% of the population will one day get married, prospective husbands and wives are likely to spend more time choosing the decor for their wedding ceremony than working on their relationship. Despite the availability of proven practices for marital success, most people just go with the wing-it method, crossing their fingers and hoping for the best. (currypsychology)

    When you’re caring for your parents or senior loved ones, you’re often in fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants mode. (aplaceformom)

    We’ve seen an entire world, and tons of governments in that world, caught with no blueprints and no playbooks for a coronavirus pandemic, despite having been warned about such a pandemic coming, for decades. And so they all went into “make it up as you go along” mode. With very little knowledge of what was going on, and what to expect. (theautomaticearth)

    At other times, such claims for access are resisted in the name of ‘reasonableness’. To change social arrangements is too expensive, too risky, too dangerous – or simply unnatural. Far better, then, that people should adjust and ‘make the best of a bad job’. (socwork)
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