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Hi, can anyone tell me what the difference is between "dénomination(s) sociale(s)" and "raison(s) sociale(s)"? Are they both "registered company name"? The document I have has "dénomination(s) ou raison(s) sociale(s)"...

Merci d'avance. :)
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    dénomination sociale = corporate name (pour les sociétés de capitaux)
    raison sociale = firm name (pour les sociétés de personnes)


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    As far as I know, these both mean "company name", but they appear on a registration form (register of trade and commerce) with both:
    Numéro d'immatriculation:
    Date d'immatriculation:
    Dénomination(s) ou raison(s) sociale(s):

    What are the alternatives, please?


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    What would the difference be between a "corporate name" and a "firm name" (neither of which are that familiar to me, particularly the latter)?

    I think I would say "company name" for both, but maybe that is not right? Or at least, would require qualification?


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    Il y a des explications intéressantes sur ce site : Nom commercial, raison, dénomination sociale, enseigne, domaine : quelles différences ?
    La dénomination sociale (corporate name) de l'entreprise est une marque déposée. Elle ne concerne que les sociétés (SARL, EURL, SA, SAS, SVC, etc.) et ne s'applique pas aux entreprises individuelles (EI, EIRL).
    Le terme raison sociale (firm name) est un synonyme employé uniquement pour les sociétés exerçant une activité civile et non commerciale.
    Sinon, les dicos traduisent company name simplement par nom d'entreprise, raison sociale ou nom de société.
    Sur ce site, Difference Between Corporation and Company, ils expliquent :
    The difference between company and corporate is that a company is a form of business that is suitable for small businesses and entities; whereas, corporate means a form of business that is suitable for bigger businesses and entities.


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    Thanks Locape.

    I think the translation problem is partly one of different systems. France seems to define business categories in terms of both legal status and type of activity. But as far as I can tell from looking at the UK government website, the distinction here is one of legal status only.

    For the "dénomination sociale" of limited companies the UK government uses "company name":
    Set up a private limited company

    and "business name" for other types of business which are not companies - sole traders and partnerships.
    Set up a business partnership

    These are certainly terms I am more familiar with, though "corporate name" and "firm name" may be more current in North America and other English-speaking countries.