déployer leur savoir faire sur des projets

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  1. translationsneeds New Member

    cette entreprise compte plus de 50 collaborateurs, qui déploient leur savoir faire sur des projets toujours plus audacieux

    Someone can help to translate that senteces to english?

  2. jann

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    Welcome, Translationsneeds. :)

    Please, what's your try? The WordReference forums are not some sort of free translation service, so it is the custom to make an attempt at the translation and explain your specific doubt when you ask for help here.

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  3. translationsneeds New Member

    the question what it is the meaning of "déployer leur savoir faire sur des projets"
  4. Santana2002 Senior Member

    English, from Ireland
    Perhaps: Will bring the benefit of their experience to the/ever more audacious projects?
  5. archijacq Senior Member

    french France
    implement their know-how on ever bolder projects
  6. translationsneeds New Member

    thanks a lot

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