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I don't have a complete sentence for the context, but my phrase appears to be an optional command in an accounting system:
"Dépointer les écritures sélectionnées"
My guess is:
"Reverse the selected (accounting) entries"

Does "dépointage" therefore also mean "reversal"

My other searches for "dépointer" suggested:
1) clocking out (when you have to stamp a time card when you stop working)
2) backing off (disengaging or freeing up/releasing a mechanical device)
3) to "un-target" something (as in, to deliberately not aim at it)
4) to dismiss or remove someone from their assigned office

None of which, of course, apply particularly well to accounting terms.
Any help appreciated...
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    Pointage is when you balance your bookkeeping entries with your bank account (at least it is in my accounting program). I have to check a little box when the entries appear on my statement so I guess this is the opposite of that!