déporté (panneau solaire)

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In a text about different types of solar power and which to use in different circumstances:

Pour des besoins plus intenses (éclairage au lieu d’un simple balisage), optez pour les panneaux solaires déportés, correctement orientés.

For more intense requirements (lighting instead of a simple sign), opt for correctly positioned [...] solar panels.

déporté - I can't work this out in context. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks.
  • Maîtreaupôle

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    anglais "Canada"
    I wonder if "les panneaux solaires déportés" doesn't just mean panels that can be swiveled; that is "les panneaux solaires orientables"? Wanting to add "correctement orientés" but not wanting to be repetitive, the writer of the text chose "les panneaux solaires déportés". All that would seem be a bit strange because one would think that specifying "les panneaux orientables" would naturally assume orienting them correctly. There should be no need to add that. Anyhow, my best guess.
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