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These are the two signatories in a contract. Person A, the Dépositaire is supplying items to Person B, the Déposant for exhibition for a short period of time. The items will be for sale and if any remain unsold after the week of the exhibition they will be returned by Person B to Person A, so it's 'sale or return'. The contract is general terms and conditions of "Depot".
I am stuck for the correct English terms to use for the two parties. Person A is supplying, so Supplier, perhaps. Person B is displaying the items, so Agent, maybe?
But I have found conflicting translations of the two terms.
Can anyone help me out please?
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    Thank you both,
    Yes, Mehoul, that's my problem. I *know* that Person A, who is listed as the contract as the dépositaire, is the person who is supplying the goods. And that Person B (listed in the contract as the déposant) is the person receiving and displaying them.

    My upbringing tells me solicitors don't make mistakes, but I think whoever drew up this contract has done so. I just wanted to check that my research, which agrees with what you say, was not incorrect. I'm perfectly capable of missing the obvious!

    Edit: I now have the remaining pages of the contract and the terms are used correctly from page three onwards! It seems the law is not above typing errors!
    Thank you again.
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