développés debout

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  1. Heulwen Senior Member

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    Would anyone be able to tell me what 'développés debout' are, in the context of fitness or weight training? My sentence is : "Pourrait-on faire l’acquisition d’un support de barre pour squats et développés debout?".

    I am grateful for any assistance.
  2. RasJulien Senior Member

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    I know that ''développé debout'' is the opposite of ''développé couché'' which is ''bench press'' in fitness. So that would be the same exercise but standing instead of on your back. Maybe simply weight lifting?
  3. Heulwen Senior Member

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    Thank you boukli and RasJulien - your replies were extremely helpful. I think it is called a 'shoulder press' in English, either seated or presumably standing if you need the support of a barre. Thank you so much.

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