dévisser un tir


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During the Euro football tournament I have heard on rfi the phrase ' il a devisse' son tir' I think this means 'he has skied the ball' (hit it high into the sky) . Is this correct and is it used in the sense of 'lifting upwards' like a screw, perhaps?
  • I think it just means "he shot", "he unleashed a shot", "he got a shot away", "he let fly", etc. I've seen the expression used of a shot that found the back of the net, so I don't think it means "skied the ball".
    Dévisser means that the player missed his shot. He did strike the ball but not the way he wanted. A good example of when we use that expression in French is when a player kicks the ball with the outside of the foot instead of with the "laces" part of the shoe giving the ball too much side spin and as a result ending far from the net.
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    Or sometimes you'll hear, "It screwed off the side of his foot." Maybe it's something like that.