dévoiler, voiler


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I know that at least one way of understanding these two is "to unveil, to veil"... but I'm having trouble with this Gaetan Picon quote:

"On assiste au reflux général de l’idée d’objectivité. Partout on trouve le chercheur impliqué dans sa propre recherche et ne la dévoilant qu’en la voilant."

My best effort so far: "We are witnessing the general ebb of the idea of objectivity. Everywhere we find the researcher implicated in his research and able to reveal something only by hiding it."
  • klodaway

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    I believe it rather means that the researcher - when talking about his/her work (unveiling it) - is only doing so in a manner that is either partial, or "mysterious". He/she will explain the "big picture" without going into the details.

    Problem is I can't find a good way to phrase that....

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