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    They both mean tell me. Dígame is in the usted form, so you would use it with any adults with whom you are not very familiar. Dime is for children, peers, and adults with whom you have a friendly, more intimate relationship relationship.

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    Dieselx1987 said:
    What is the difference between Digame and Dime? Is one more formal than the other or can you use them both in any situation?

    ¡Bienvenid@ al foro!

    Dígame = tell me (usted -- more formal)
    Dime = tell me (tú -- less formal)

    Notice that there is an accent mark on the "i" in "dígame", so that the accent will fall in the right place (DEE-gah-may instead of dee-GAH-may).

    Hope this is helpful.


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    Thanks... that was pretty basic, and it's actually what I thought it was. But I had asked a few people who's native language was Spanish and they would shrug and say "There really isn't a difference..." so I didn't know when to use which. Thanks!