Dígito de control

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  1. Xerinola

    Xerinola Senior Member

    Català/Español, Barcelona (SPAIN)
    Buenas tardes,
    ¿Alguién sabe como se dice en inglés "dígito de control"?
    El dígito de control de una cuenta bancaria.
    ¿Es "control digit"?

    Muchas gracias de antemano
  2. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    Me imagino que puede ser "control number". Si nos dices a cuál parte del número de cuenta se refiere, podría ser más fácil ayudarte.

  3. micafe

    micafe Senior Member

    United States
    Spanish - Colombia
    Both 'control digit' and 'control number' are used.
  4. Xerinola

    Xerinola Senior Member

    Català/Español, Barcelona (SPAIN)
    ok, thank you very much!
    Fenix, for example:
    0182 0002 59 0111577832
    0182 Bank
    0002 Branch
    59 Control digit
    0111577832 Account number

    Thank you!
  5. sweetpotatoboy Senior Member

    English, UK (London)
    Well, in the UK at least, this doesn't exist, so I don't know what we would call it.

    I wouldn't use "digit", though. That implies a single figure, not a two-figure number.
  6. sweetpotatoboy Senior Member

    English, UK (London)
    Actually just thought again about this and, whilst we don't have it on bank accounts or cheques, we do have it on credit cards. It's a three-figure number and it's known as the card verification number, so maybe you could use "verification number", though I have also seen "control number" on the web.
  7. Xerinola

    Xerinola Senior Member

    Català/Español, Barcelona (SPAIN)
    Hi sweetpotatoboy, I know what you mean, but I think we are talking about different things. Verification number and control digit are different things.
    I keep looking for...
    Thank you
  8. megane_wang

    megane_wang Senior Member

    Spanish / Catalan
    I've read it as "verification number".

    To complement other's comments: Note that, in Spanish, "dígito de control" also refers to just 1 number. But the real thing is a literal made up with 2-digits. Numbers below 10 are zero filled on the left side, and others remain unchanged. But you read just "dígito de control" everywhere :eek:
  9. gary.cook Senior Member

    UK English

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