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  1. Kaiapó Senior Member

    Morning everyone" Haul him out, boys. Before Eng comes back to his hole and finds this d-horn garbage squatting in here."It comes from Shining Girls by L. Beukes, a South-african author.Is it some sort of "piece of shit"?Thanks for your timeK
  2. Andygc

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    A bit of context might make this intelligible. Who is "him"? Where is he being hauled from? Who is "Eng" and what is "his hole"?
  3. Kaiapó Senior Member

    Context summary: A man (him) falls into a hole , other men try to bring him out of it, before Eng (the Chinese man who lives in the hole) comes back.

  4. Loob

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    Hello Kaiapó

    According to this Google Books copy of the novel, you have slightly misquoted the text, which should read:
    Before Chinaman Eng comes back to his hole and finds this d-horner garbage squatting in here.

    Not that that helps me - I'm not familiar with the expression 'd-horner'. But maybe someone else will be:).
  5. Kaiapó Senior Member

    Yes, Loob

    Yes, I've misquoted it a bit. But it does not change much, does it?

    I wonder if it is a term used only in South Africa.

  6. JustKate

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    Well, I have heard of dehorning - it means removing the horns from cattle (or other horned livestock) to make them a bit less dangerous to handle, so you could conceivably call someone who does this a dehorner. But I've never heard it used as an insult, as it appears to be used here.
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    Hmmm... you may have to find a South African English speaker. Urban dictionary does give two definitions. The second one fits better but has not received much support, but the first has a statistically neglible vote.

    So, I would go with the second at http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=D horn
    This fits with your context-driven idea of "piece of shit."
  9. Kaiapó Senior Member

    Thanks Sparky, JustKate and PaulQ

    dumbass it will be

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