Dağın yukarısına yürüyor

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    Dağın yukarısına yürüyor.

    The phrase dağın yukarı looks like a prepositional phrase (like e.g. dağın üstü). In the dictionaries this prepositional usage of yukarı is not clarified enough. My feeling is that dağın yukarıhas the same meaning as dağın üstü, but the difference is that dağın üstü is usually used with -de and -den (e.g. dağın üstünde), while dağın yukarıis used with -a (e.g. dağın yukarısına).

    What is the diffrence between dağın yukarıand dağın üstü? If such a difference exists.
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    Both can take both suffixes. It has to do with what you're trying to say.
    When you say dağın üstüne, I understand that you're going to the top of the mountain.
    When you say dağın yukarısına, what I understand is that you're climbing towards a higher position, -- not necessarily until the top.
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