1. teh52 New Member

    I could use some help in translating to following to english;

    De nada .......
    Te extranare' y nunca le me olvidare'
    con mucho carino,
  2. Tadeo Senior Member

    Español (México)
    My attempt:

    You're welcome.
    I'll miss you and I will never forget you.
    With love/Lovely.....

    But I think you got that wrong probably it is : Y nunca te olvidaré. (that is what I translated)
  3. Jammin' Member

    English Canada
    It means:
    You're Welcome...
    I'm going to miss you, please don't ever forget me.
    Con mucho cariño means with much care, in English we'd usually write
    "yours truly" or "truly yours" or "love"

    that should help you out
  4. olivodelbuho

    olivodelbuho Senior Member

    The island of Ka
    Spanish - UK
    You are welcome/ no worries....
    I will miss you and I wouldn't forget you (never)
    With much of love, (sounds weird)

  5. Tadeo Senior Member

    Español (México)
    I'll try to correct the one in Spanish.

    De nada....
    Te extrañaré y nunca te olvidaré
    Con cariño.....
    (this one is the one translated before).

    Although as jammin' thought the second phrase could also be:
    Y nunca me olvide= and please don't forget me (but it sounds kind of weird for me) Can you rewrite it in spanish to be sure???

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