da ti ochen krasivaya

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  1. sugar in the raw Member

    Mexican spanish
    what does this mean in english or in spanish:
    da ti ochen krasivaya
    prosta prekrasnaya
    ya tebya liublyu

    thanks a lot! =)
  2. JONO. Senior Member

    United Arab Emirates
    English U.S.
    da ti ochen krasivaya (да ты очень красивая) = Yes, you are very beautiful (Referring to a woman)
    prosta prekrasnaya (просто прекрасная) = Simply beautiful (Referring to a woman again)
    ya tebya liublyu (я тебя люблю)= I love you.
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  3. sugar in the raw Member

    Mexican spanish
  4. morzh

    morzh Banned

    Correcto. Perfecto.
  5. Ottilie

    Ottilie Senior Member

    Romanian(1st) / Russian (2nd)
    Just a little correction
  6. Aquatarkus Senior Member

    Just a little note.
    If da in this phrase was separated by comma (da, ti ochen krasivaya) then it would be translated as "yes, you are very beautiful". However, without a comma da can have a meaning of surprise (wow, you are very beautiful).
  7. morzh

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    Из серии "Казнить нельзя помиловать" :)

    I would, without the comma in there, and with an exclamation sign at the end (without the comma it is compulsory, as it becomes an exclamation, no matter what), interpret it as a supportive/cheering statement.
    Like in a situation, where a girl, lacking self-confidence, cries over her looks before a prom, and her mother says to her "Да ты что! Да ты очень красивая!".
    No surprise here, just the affirmative statement.

    I can see this used for surprise statement too, of course.

    With the comma, it is simple, in most cases non-exclamatory affirmative statement.
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  8. sugar in the raw Member

    Mexican spanish
    thanks a lot =)

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