dación en pago - dation

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    Out of all the options I've come across to translate this expression (including those appearing in this excellent forum) I find "assignment in payment" to be the most suitable. I would like to hear the opinion of native English speakers specialized in legal translations.
    Thank you all in advance
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    Sin perjuicio de que los foreros nativos que convocas den su opinión, el vocabulario jurídico del inglés tiene la palabra dation para la española dación; ambas vienen del latín datio, usada en la frase datio in solutum, dar en pago (giving in payment); así, bien podrías utilizar la expresión dation in payment, si no solo datio.
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  3. Hebe-asteriod

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    Caracas- Venezuela
    Venezuela -Spanish
    Un millón de gracias, logoferens.
    Now I know I can use that expression with confidence.
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    Rectificación del gazapo: Dice '...si no solo datio', debe decir '...si no solo dation'.
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  5. David

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    The word dation en paiement, a French term equiv. to the Spanish dacio en pago, is used in Louisiana, the only civil law jurisdiction in the United States, and presumably is used in European practice. However, the concept is, so far as I know, not used in the common law jurisdictions, and so would be unfamiliar to most practitioners, I think, in the US and GB. However, for documents to be used in Europe, where Anglicization of civil law terminology seems to be proceeding rapidly because of the use of English by the EU, it would probably be understood: whether or not to explain with a T.N. is a matter of judgment, it seems to me. In any event, a "dation en paiement" or "dacio en pago" is the transfer of realty or personalty in lieu of a cash payment, as settlement for a debt. This is very close to an in-kind (i.e., non-cash, but rather goods or services) payment. The translation would, I think, depend on the register of the original: a complex appellate decision might use dation en paiement; a letter to client might require some other translation or amplification.
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    The most apt translations with a precise, legal concept would be "deed in lieu of foreclosure".
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    Is not dación en pago primarily about walking away and handing back the keys to the lender? Look at this (admittedly about dación en pago retroactiva)
    • la dación en pago retroactiva, esto es, que con la entrega de la vivienda afectada por un impago se pueda saldar la deuda, también para quienes ya hubieran sido desahuciados con anterioridad a la aprobación de la medida.
    Source in El País

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