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    Hello, I'm looking for what the flower Daffodil is called in Korean?

    I think I'm getting 수선화, is that correct?
    Also getting just 수선, what exactly is the 화?

    Mainly wanting to know this because I love the Korean language, and the Daffodil is my favorite flower.. haha.
    Thank you for any help!
  2. trigel Senior Member

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    You can say that 수선화 is used in most/everyday contexts. 화(花) is Sino-Korean for 'flower'. 수선 is usually used in compounds indicating a specific species of daffodil (나팔수선, 황수선).
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  3. omylac New Member

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    Thank you very much!
    Do you also know what the correct romanization version of 수선화 would be?
    Suseonhwa seems to be what I'm getting, but I've also seen things like soo instead of su, sun instead of seon.

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