dahil sa prend ko sa UK nag whatsapp ako ahihi

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  1. sim.nyper New Member

    Could anyone help me to get a translation of this sentence in English. "Dahil sa prend ko sa UK nag whatsapp ako ahihi".

  2. Pertinax

    Pertinax Senior Member

    Queensland, Aust
    I think that this is the equivalent (in casual English) of:
    Because of my friend from the UK, I was like "What's up?" (hehe).

    dahil sa = because of
    prend ko = my friend
    sa UK = in the UK
    nag whatsupp ako = my reaction was "What's up"
    ahihi = (onomatopeic giggling)

    It's interesting that the phrase "What's up" has been pressed into service as a verb by the realis-prefix "nag".
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  3. abardam New Member

    It could be a possibility that "whatsapp" is referring to the application. In this case,

    becomes something like, "I installed/started using Whatsapp"
  4. epistolario

    epistolario Senior Member

    I agree with Pertinax, except for the translation of the Whatsapp part, which I don't know either. If it's an application for gadgets, then abardam is correct.
  5. françanglish Member

    English (Canada), Tagalog
    Because of my friend in the UK, I joined/installed Whatsapp (which as others suspected, is indeed a smartphone app similar to Skype).
  6. Because of my friend from/in the UK, I started using WhatsApp. *giggling*

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