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Hi, I'm not a speaker of Japanese. I was watching an old Japanese film about Laputa (maybe you've heard of it??) and at one point the boy was asking "Daijabu?" I tried to find out what it meant but found nothing at all. It wasn't in Japanese-English dictionaries as far as I know. I also found that the word "daijabu" is often followed by "desu ka". I'm guessing that the phrase meant something like "are you alright?".
If anyone can help that would be great, thanks! :)
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    desu ka is asking a question. you can think of "ka" somewhat like a question mark.
    Daijoubu desu ka simple means "are you alright?", "are you fine?" somewhere along those lines. Laputa was awesome. Try watching Howl's moving castle next. Hayao Miyazaki's films are all very nice to watch.
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