Daily rest


Hi, I'm making a reservation in a hotel and "daily rest" is about 30% cheaper than a room. I don't know what does "daily rest" mean. Seems to me that it is to go there during the day and rest some time (it is a resort).

All that I want the hotel for is to leave my luggage and go to sleep. What I wonder is if I will be able to do so with the "daily rest" option. For what I've seen by now looks like not, however...

In one of those pages that manage reservations for you the price is slightly over the "daily rest" option, and it specifies that is the price for two nights in the hotel. May that page be wrong?

This is rather confusing. I hope any of this information helps.

Thank you very much.
  • bluepolaris

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    Hi Krith,

    In hotel industry, "Daily rest" refers to the possibility of renting the room for a specific period of time during the day.

    For example, you can rent a room/bed from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., so the tariff is cheaper than the usual reservation.