dale donde mas le duele atrevete a crecer

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dale donde mas le duele atrevete a crecer
it's a quote by che guevara. i would like a native speaker
to give an exact translation of it if anyone is up for it? I'm sure
its out there somewhere but I need to know pretty swiftly and
couldn't find anything precise.
  • Tazzler

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    American English
    dale donde mas le duele atrevete a crecer(te)
    Hit him where it hurts the most;
    be bold and/dare to stand up for yourself/stand up and be counted.
    That makes for a better translation! But I found versions with "les" so I went with what.


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    Tazzler, I see what you mean. I looked up the quote online, and there are variations with les vs. le in the original quote. The meaning for crecer was also just “grow.”
    Without the full context it would be hard to say exactly what the best translation should be or how it might have appeared in a book or otherwise.
    I was thinking of something like crecerse…ante la adversidad, which has a meaning of “ to stand up in the face of adversity.”
    It would be nice to know what followed that original quote by Che Guevara.
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