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Hi everyone,
I have a couple of questions about the word "Dale"
1. Does it mean something like "Yes!! Well-done!!"??
I would like to know also in which context is this word used? I have only heard of it in sports as some sort of self-encouragement.
Also: Is this word used exclusively in South America or everywhere where Spanish is spoken??
Muchísimas gracias!;)
  • Sparrow22

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    in Argentina we use Dale
    1.- in sports as an equivalent for "go" "Vamos, hacele un gol. Dale"
    2.- as when you want to rush sbdy "Dale que llegamos tarde " (hurry up, we are late)
    3.- (children) "Dale que yo soy la maestra y vos el alumno?, when playing games, children use it as "Imagine I'm the teacher and you are the student".

    And some more examples Spanish speakers would be glad to add.


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    español (Argentina)
    i think is mostly used in south america, and yes, it is used as encouragement mainly but also:

    as a simple way of making someone hurry

    "dale, vamos !" = "come on, lets go!"

    or a way of saying "ok":

    - vamos al cine? (shall we go to the movies?)
    - dale!. (ok, great!).


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    United States, English and Spanish
    I would say that it is also used a lot by people of Cuban descent, at least here in Miami.

    It is used here as they said before.
    As Ok. "Me voy acostar" (I'm going to go to sleep) "Dale" (ok).