dalga geçmek

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  1. pizzakid Member

    Iran, Persian
    It's 'to make fun of', yes? So if I wanted to say 'I made fun of the cat' would it be:

    Kediyi dalga geçtim.


    Kediyle dalga geçtim. (and should the Y be there?)

    Thanks in advance.
  2. macrotis Senior Member

    Dalga geçmek is used for people. (Adam benimle dalga geçti, Ali'yle dalga geçilmez...)

    Kediyle dalga geçtim is grammatically correct. Kediyle is short for kedi ile. When ile is attached to a noun, i drops. When it's attached to a noun ending in a vowel, y is required. cf., Köpekle dalga geçtim.
  3. vatrahos

    vatrahos Senior Member

    American English
    Is it not used with animals?

    "I was teasing the dog"? How would we say "to tease"?
  4. macrotis Senior Member

    Oynamak (Yes, it's a "chameleon" word)

    Köpekle oynuyordum. (And yes, it doesn't convey the very meaning of teasing, but we understand.)

    Oynamak can be used for people too:
    Kedinin fareyle oynadığı gibi benimle oynuyorsun. You tease me like a cat teases a mouse.

    From a Burak Kut song:
    benimle oynama
    söyledim sana
    şansını zorlama
    uğurlar olsun
  5. vatrahos

    vatrahos Senior Member

    American English
    what about "rahatsız etmekt"? Is this too strong? Let's say a mother has two young children -- one of them is 5 and the other is less than 1. The baby is sleeping and the younger child is "teasing" it. How would the mom say, "Don't tease / pester the baby, let her sleep!" What if it were a dog instead of a baby? Would the verb change?
  6. macrotis Senior Member

    rahatsız etmek can be used both for people and animals.

    Bebeği rahatsız etme, (bırak) uyusun.
    Köpeği rahatsız etme.
    Hayvanı rahatsız etme.

    If the dog is awake and the boy teases him, we say köpeği rahat bırak. (The boy tries to irritate the dog.) The same for the baby: Bebeği rahat bırak (or she would cry).
  7. ayşegül Member

    Tease: ben bunu hep sataşmak olarak çeviriyorum
    Bu durumda,köpeğe sataştım/sataşıyordum.
  8. ch32 New Member

    You can also say that kafa bulmak but it will be vulgarity.

    Yaşlı adamla kafa buldum (Old man)
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