Dall'incontro tra

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Good afternoon everybody,
how can I translate the Italian expression "dall'incontro tra"? in this context?
"E' un progetto nata dall'incontro tra il giornale XXX ed il centro sociale YYY"
My attempt
It's a project born from the meeting of (?)he XXX and YYY?

Thank you all
  • AlabamaBoy

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    American English
    I miei tentativi:
    This is a project that was created by the cooperation of XXX and YYY.
    This is a project that was born out of a joint effort of XXX and YYY.
    XXX and YYY came together to create this project...


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    Ciao Elefalci scusami ma la parola choosed non esiste in inglese, si dice "the one I chose" e' un verbo un po' strano.
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