dama de compañia

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  1. Gor New Member

    Argentina castellano
    I would like to know the expression Dama de companía in English language.
  2. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    probably "escort"
  3. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    maybe "escort service girl"
  4. Odalrich Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish (Castellano), and Catalan.
    I think it rather means Lady-in-waiting a lady attending upon a queen or
    member of the high aristocracy.
  5. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    Haha, big difference! What's the context, Gor?
  6. abeltio Senior Member

    Spanish, Argentina
    Also chaperone
  7. Odalrich Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish (Castellano), and Catalan.
    Chaperon (without the final e in British English) is (or was) an elderly woman in charge of a girl or a young unmarried woman on social occasions.
    In Iberian Spanish:Carabina.

    Is different from a Lady-in-waitig.

    Greetings. Saludos.
  8. AARRANZG New Member

    I think the word is "Companion", one of the meanings is a person, usually a woman, employed to live with and help somebody, especially somebody old or ill/sick
  9. Odalrich Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish (Castellano), and Catalan.

    1. Most of the options presented in the various threads are correct depending on which context the term “dama de compañia” is used. If you’re referring to the staff of a royal court, then it is "Lady-in-waiting" (usually a lady or damsel of aristocratic origin). A carer (or family carer) is a person or social worker employed to help somebody who is old, sick or disable; in Spanish is “cuidadora” or “cuidador” depending whether the person is a woman or a man. The word “dama” isn’t used in this context. "Señorita de compañia"or "señora de compañia" or sometimes (but unusual) "dama de compañia" is an employee with whom one spends time or travels; in English "companion".
  10. Horned Owl

    Horned Owl Senior Member

    India - Hindi & English
    The woman at the centre of the scandal in Colombia involving a Secret Service agent belonging to President Obama's security team is described in the Colombian press as dama de compañía. So in this sense this term could be translated as escort.
  11. TravelinTom

    TravelinTom Senior Member

    Phoenix, Arizona, USA
    English - Texan
    Escort or call girl.
  12. Mia Frank New Member

    Mexican Spanish
    Hi, I want to know how do you call a girl in a bar or some place like that that makes you consume and buy her a drink, she is part of the staff and sometimes her company involves more than chatting; in Mexico they are called damas de compañía (as you can see it has nothing to do with the definitions you already mentioned), they are also called ficheras (because they are given a "chip" for the customer' s consumption, it is a kind of commmission). I would really appreciate your answers.
  13. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    As far as I know, the only bars here in the U.S. where women do that are strip clubs.
  14. oriental

    oriental Senior Member

    Escorts - k-in-sc is is usually right - are "damas de compañía".
    You phone her or her agency and voilà...
    It is not a girl in a strip club that waits for customers...
    Mia Frank, welcome to the forums!!!
    Gor, as k-in-sc said, please, more context or this thread may go insane......., ether for being a lady waiting for a queen, a chaperone, an escort or...:D

    Wow!!! almost a record in sights!!! 4.156 up to now..
    Hey fellows where are you???
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  15. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    Well, if they call them "damas de compañía" in Mexico, that's what they call them. It's just not a common thing here, so I don't know of an easily understandable term for it.
    In another thread somebody suggested "hostess bar," but of course in respectable eating establishments the "hostess" is the person who seats you.
    Maybe you could say "'hostess' in a bar," in quotes.
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  16. lauranazario

    lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Español puertorriqueño & US English
    Otra instancia en que he visto utilizado "dama de compañía" es en el contexto de las mujeres ancianas (mayorcitas de edad) o viudas, que no desean vivir solas o que requieren algo de ayuda en el hogar (no se trata de necesitar una cuidadora o caretaker a tiempo completo).

    En este contexto, una dama de compañía sería companion o también live-in companion.
    No es lo mismo que roommate, porque a las damas de compañía se les paga por sus servicios, vivan o no en la misma casa que su empleador.


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