Damage Waiver: Theft Protection, Third Party Liability & Road Fund Licence


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Hi everybody.

Can anybody help me with the translation of these words in a rental car context?

The whole sentence is something like this:

The price include Damage Waiver including Theft Protection, Third Party Liability, Road Fund Licence and VAT.

What would the equivalent in Spain be?

I guess it would be something like this: El Precio Incluye Seguro de Daños con protección contra robo, responsabilidad a terceros, tasas de carretera (o algo así) e IVA.

Am I wrong? Is this something similar to the "seguro a terceros" in Spain? I presume this insurance doesn´t cover an accident if it´s the driver´s fault, does it?

Thanks very much in advance.
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    Yes, there is "seguro a terceros" (seguro de responsabilidad civil obligatorio) in Spain. It covers any damage (personal injuries or material damages) we cause to others. Usually insurance companies include damages to driver. It is obligatory
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