Dame da

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    Both, but I think "dame da" is mostly "should not" with a bad feeling to it. "Sorewa dame da" means "that's bad" i.e. "you shouldn't do it" or "you don't want that".

    It can also mean other things. "Mou dame da." - after you ran a few laps and you're out of breath, it means "I can't do it anymore." (for example)


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    That's one of my favorite expressions in Japanese (since I'm learning using anime)
    It literally means "Useless/No good", but it can be just used for the negation at all cases


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    It can also mean you tried, but something doesn't work.

    Yatte mita kedo, dame da.

    Or even "you can try, but that definitely won't work".

    (laughing) Kore wa dame da yo...

    Aitsu ha dame da.

    Means he's totally useless.
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