dame sauteuse

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    Au Canada, je pense que ce serait un compacteur ou une pilonneuse. The Canadian government site Termium suggests those terms. Here's what I found on Google images.


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    Jumping Jack Compactor, Wacker, Vibratory Rammer (also several variations, eg. tamping rammer, rammer etc.), Paddy's motorbike (colloq.)
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    You're welcome joaopaolo. If you look at the images I provided you will see that pilonneuse is exactly what you describe. I see that you are living in Quebec. Ask around. It would be interesting to find out what people in your area call these things.


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    I think you're probably quite right about "piloneuse"; I was looking for the English. In my document they had written "dame sauteuse," so I imagine that at least some people here in Quebec use that term for "piloneuse."


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    I have lived in Quebec all my life, and can't remember ever hearing « dame sauteuse ». Then again, I don't know much about construction work. So I googled a bit.

    On the picture, I see what I'd call a pilon compacteur (which is different from compacteur, by itself)

    You can look at #2 on that page from Termium (under dame)
    And also at # 3 & 4 on that other page.

    A frog rammer or jumping jack (grenouille sauteuse) is defined as:
    [A type of rammer or tamper] weighing nearly half a ton is known as a "frog"; it has a lift of about 9 in. and jumps forward 9 in. per stroke
    And I'm pretty sure that would be your « dame sauteuse ». A frog... jumps. Makes sense, no? :p

    Note : Selon le GDT, une pilonneuse serait une dame vibrante/mécanique... que moi j'appellerais un marteau-pilon. Et une dame sauteuse = grenouille = jumpig jack
    Bien qu'attesté au Québec, le terme pilonneuse semble davantage répandu en Europe.

    In a nutshell, and for Quebec readers, I'd say: "jumping jack".


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    There was a Frog rammer that was manufactured and exhibited in late 1935 and early 1936. It must have been a frightening device.

    From Flight of 19 September 1935:

    A Half-ton Punch

    "FOR the consolidation of large masses of earth" a half ton mechanical rammer called the "Frog" is being manufactured by C. Johnson and Sons, Ltd., of Smedley Road, Manchester, and should be of interest to those concerned with the preparation of aerodromes.

    The whole machine is built at an angle and springs forward from 6 to 9in. with each blow, leaping about 14in. into the air. This motion is obtained through the explosion of a mixture of gas and air. the mixture being fired by a sparking plug connected with a battery with which the operator is
    equipped. Neat benzole, and not benzole mixture, is used. The outer cylinder of the rammer incorporates a water jacket, which increases the weight considerably.

    A single track made by the rammer is about 2ft. 3in. wide. Should the ground slope upwards, forward movement is facilitated by the insertion of a wedge supplied with the machine. From fifty to sixty blows a minute can be delivered. It is claimed that the capacity of the machine is about
    400 cubic yards an hour, and it has been found, according to the makers, that after it has passed over an area of hard clay three times, and the ground has been subsequently dug up, that perfect consolidation has been effected to a depth of ten feet.

    The picture is from from Flight of 30 January 1936.

    Some dame sauteuse!


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