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The entry for sense (jeu) needs a flag to denote that the example sentences are not a direct translation of each other.

Les dames est un jeu qui convient aux petits comme aux grands. J'aimais beaucoup jouer aux dames avec ma grand-mère quand j'étais petit.
The children have started a game of draughts.

Also note the unmarked usage of UK "draughts" in the EN translations, whereas WR usually defaults to US English. "Draughts" is not widely understood in the US.

For more general comprehensibility it could easily be re-written using either of the following:
The children have started a game of draughts (US: checkers)​
The children have started a game of checkers (UK: draughts).​
  • I'm sensing a strong interest in draughts/checkers :D

    I've got rid of the mismatching English sentence and translated the two French sentences, one for each Dterm, so there's a BE and an AE version. We don't tag words in sentences as AE or BE (and there really isn't any need when it's the Dterm and that is already tagged).
    I'm sensing a strong interest in draughts/checkers
    Not in the least, actually. I probably don't even remember the rules, it's been so many decades since I played. But I do tend to follow a trail to the end, so once I stumbled on this I ended up checking it in all directions.

    I'm a little confused. Of course, grammatically speaking, it should be les échecs sont. However the meaning is clearly le jeu d'échecs. I would not be surprised to read, in English, draughts are as well as draughts is. I keep that one under my hat, wondering whether both are acceptable and waiting for a wiser opinion. @Maître Capello ?
    It makes sense to me that it's actually le jeu de, so singular, but I am, of course, not a native. I can tell you though that draughts (the game) is singular in English.