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  1. jubileel New Member

    First, I hope this is the right forum for this question. Second, I don't speak a lick of Italian (Latin, yes. Italian, no) but I'm writing a short story were one of the characters is Italian.

    Is there an Italian phrase that means the same thing (or about the same thing) as the American phrase "Damn Straight" or "Damn right"?

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  2. eafkuor Senior Member

    Italy, Italian
    It depends, can you post the whole sentence or explain the contest?
  3. Josseppe Senior Member

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    Hmm, this is a good question. I'm sure there is a slang phrase associated with this, but I'm not sure. Maybe something like "maledetto ragione". See what the pros say.
  4. eafkuor Senior Member

    Italy, Italian
    That's wrong, the correct way to say it would be "maledettamente ragione", but it's very rarely used.
  5. dinah Senior Member

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    That would be "Maledettamente vero!"
  6. jubileel New Member


    From the story:

    "Don't worry, he wasn't threatening me. He was threatening the guy over there," she said with a hint of laughter in her voice.

    Gabriel crossed his arms and muttered "Damn straight, I was."

    Except, I'd like to use the Italian equivalent and not the American slang, if at all possible.
  7. dinah Senior Member

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    Please ignore my suggestion. Now that you gave more context, I think a good solution may be "Cavolo se avevo ragione". But I'd like to hear more opinions from other Italian speakers
  8. eafkuor Senior Member

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    If you want to mix italian and english, you could go with "Shit, ci avevo preso" or "ci avevo azzeccato" (i think the first one is better)

    edit: also "shit, avevo ragione"
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  9. Odysseus54

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    No, no - "Damn straight, I was " significa, nel contesto che ci e' stato dato :

    " Ma sicuro che lo stavo minacciando "

    "I was" si riferisce a "He was threatening the guy over here".

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