Dance with the one that brung ya


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Hello. Could you please tell me what "Dance with the one that brung ya" literally means? Thank you.

One of his favourite political sayings came from a song popular in his youth: "Dance with the one that brung ya." Reagan's point was simple: in politics, as in life, you support those who support you. You are loyal to those who have made you. And that's not just in good times, or when it suits you. 'Dance with the one that brung ya': A message for nervous nellie Liberals
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    nonstandard version
    Absolutely right, but I'd say "nonstandard" is too polite. It makes it sound acceptable, but it's really just a mistake,
    It identifies the speaker as not well enough educated to know that the verb forms of "to bring" do not follow the same pattern as (for example) "to ring" (as in to ring a bell).
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