dangler [plot-line left to "dangle"]


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According to an online definition, a dangler is a literary term meaning plot-lines that are metaphorically left to "dangle" or "hang". A dangler, or dangling plotline, is a plot device in fiction where a plotline is forgotten, phased out and eventually dropped, thus a resolution is never achieved. Although dangling plot-lines can occur in all forms of media, they typically appear in comic books, movies and book sequels, where the original writer or creative team can be replaced. I am having a hard time understanding the said definition - could someone explain the meaning of "dangler" in layman's terms? Thank you.
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    Imagine a TV show in which someone is murdered, and the police are trying to solve the case - however in later episodes of the show the murder is never solved, and the crime is never referred to again - the plot-line would be left "dangling".


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    Hi kvasir,
    Basically, I'd say it's when a story (plotline) is abandoned, and never finished (no resolution). I hope that helps!
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