Dangling modifier

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Is this sentence correct?
"Pedrito got into serious trouble missing the grammar quiz last Monday."
If not, would you please correct it, please.
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    Yes it is correct. ('by missing' / 'when he missed') are also other options.
    Biblio, the subject says "dangling modifier" so I think it's the 'missing the grammar quiz last Monday' part, as it doesn't have a subject and links to the other clause.
    I can't admit it sounds perfectly normal, but I can't see a problem with it..

    biblio is right, you should describe your question more clearly next time and let us know what you think:)


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    Is this a dangling modifier? It seems ok to me because the subject of each part of the sentence is the same. Pedrito got into trouble and Pedrito missed the test.


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    I wish eddkzk would explain what he thought the problem was so that we could discuss it more thoroughly, and possibly clarify for him what a dangling modifier is.


    I am sorry I couldn't be clear enough. I am trying to explain what I thought the problem was:
    I thought the part '....missing the grammar quiz last Monday' should be at the begining, because it, as such, stands like a relative clause definining 'trouble'. Thank you all.
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    The other day I saw a cockroach having my breakfast.
    My idea of a dangling modifier is that it must allow for at least some abmbiguity as to the actual "doer" of the action, as in the example given. It is not clear whether I was having breakfast or the cockroach. Although the cockroach seems to be the likelier candidate because of the immediate proximity of the modifier. :)

    In the example provided by you, the next possibility, apart from Pedrito, is, as you say, for "touble" to have missed a quiz, which is hardly very logical. So, I believe your example is not really ambiguous enough. :)
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