Dangling modifier?

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Is the following sentence a dangling modifier?

"This because after announcing that the civil religion is concerned with politics and “this world,” Rousseau presents the dogmas of the civil religion that clearly concern the “other world,” and are sufficiently expansive as to leave room only for variance in ceremony and ritual but not in belief."

For context the previous sentence reads: "
The argument that the civil religion limits itself to what is politically important, leaving people to follow the true religion in their private lives, is not very convincing. This because......"


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    What do you think might be a dangling modifier?

    Usually, by dangling modifier, we mean a part of a sentence that does not seem grammatically related to the rest of the sentence (among other things). It is not used to describe a whole sentence, at least not in my experience.

    In the sentence you are asking about, the verb has been omitted from the main clause. For instance, it might have been written "This is because ...." or "This happens because ....."

    It may have been left out by mistake, but the omission is also sometimes a stylistic choice and I think this is what happened here. It makes the sentence more striking.

    Added: Harry Batt posted as I was writing this. I agree with his explanation.
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