Danish: Any erotic relationship must be lived ... [Kierkegaard]


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I am looking for a quote in Danish from the famous book Forforerens Dagbog.
It has been written by Soren Kierkegaard

The thing is I only have the translation in French but I need the original. When I translate it in English it goes something like that: Any erotic relationship must be lived sothat you be easy to evoke an image all that was beautiful in it.

What is the original for it?

Thank you!!
  • jette(DK)

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    Hi ClaireAlba,

    Do you only need this one sentence? It goes:

    Ethvert erotisk Forhold maa være gjennemlevet saaledes, at det er En let at tilveiebringe et Billede, der eier alt det Skjønne deraf.

    - which I would translate more like this:
    Any erotic relationship must be lived in a way that allows one to easily evoke an image of all in it that is beautiful.

    You may find the entire book here:

    1. https://books.google.dk/books?id=bSW-EgyPkDUC

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