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Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by 2sesame, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. 2sesame Member

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    So, I have a question regarding a Danish sweet treat. Can someone tell me the correct spelling for a flat, dense cookie-type dessert called something like 'Snailer'. Thanks ever so much...
  2. Andreas_Jensen Senior Member

    I can only think of a "snegl" (meaning "snail" and pronounced somewhat in the same way). It is not really a cookie, but more similar to pastry. It has a diameter of about 10 centimeters (although it can vary a great deal). It has frosting (fine suger mixed with water and maybe cocoa) on top and comes both in a tall and in a flat version (the tall one not being seen in Copenhagen). It is made by rolling a long peice of pastry up, so that it takes a form similar to a snail's house. And yes, it's mainly eaten for breakfast (by people with no regard for their health ;))

    Could it be that one? Then it's "snegl" :)
  3. Χριστινα Member

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    Denmark, Danish
  4. Andreas_Jensen Senior Member

    Exactly the one I was referring to! Just couldn't find a proper picture...

    I would say though, that this one has an extreme amount of frosting. I guess that half this amount is normal when you go to the baker. Besides I don't find it common to refer to this as a "fransk snegl". Actually I've never heard anything other than simply "snegl". Maybe a "fransk snegl" is one with excessive frosting :D
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    Very funny Andreas! Well, when I lived in DK, I guess I only ate "snegle" on rare occasions, preferring instead -- like most Danes that I know at least -- "rundstykker" with a very thick layer of butter on them ... so thick that my in-laws called it "tandsmoer." Then when I really went crazy, I'd put a piece or two of "chokoladepaalaeg" on top of the thick butter, on top of the white bread roll. So really ... how much healthier than a snegl is a white-bread roll with full fat butter on it so thick you can see your teeth prints in it after you've taken a bite, topped off with chocolate?;)

    More seriously ... and to make this post more or less legal per the mods ... how common is the concept of "tandsmoer" or is this just another of the now outmoded or unique-to-my-circle-of-family-and-friends phrases that I mistakenly still believe to be in use?

  6. Χριστινα Member

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Denmark, Danish

    This thread is weird - Danes arguing about "danish" :D

    I do believe there's a difference between a fransk snegl and an ordinary kanelsnegl. A fransk snegl is made from butterdough and has the excessive amount of frosting shown in the picture. Also it is more crisp than an ordinary snegl, that's why I think it may seem a bit cookie-ish.

    A kanelsnegl (cinnamon snail), which is probably what you're referring to if you say snegl, is made from ordinary dough (containing yeast) and does not have a whole lot of frosting

    And finally there's romsnegl (rum snail), similar to kanelsnegl but the frosting contains essence of rum and is sprinkeled with little colorful things http://www.hoyers.dk/webpages/shopfoto/small/varesmall114.jpg

    And tandsmør is very much in use still - Personally I find it :eek: but I know a lot of people who have the same taste as you, BoTrojan :D

    :) Χριστίνα
  7. Petrucci369 Member

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    The expression Tandsmør is definately a common and well known thing in Denmark. Don't like it myself, but most people would expect that amount of butter on on their rundstykke if they ordered it with butter.
  8. malin New Member

    Sweden, swedish
    A kanelsnegl (cinnamon snail), which is probably what you're referring to if you say snegl, is made from ordinary dough (containing yeast) and does not have a whole lot of frosting

    then what's the difference from an ordinary cinnamon bun? or is that what you're talking about? ^^

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