Danish: civil servant

  • hanne

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    Hvordan siger man 'civil servant' på/paa dansk?
    (if you use aa for a missing å, we'll know that you know what it should be ;))

    Tjenestemand, perhaps embedsmand.
    I wasn't really sure of the difference between these two myself, but Nudansk Ordbog says that embedsmand has now been replaced by tjenestemand in official usage, so I'd assume tjenestemand is preferred.
    In informal contexts (the only where I'd use the word myself), I'd use them interchangeably.


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    "En" meaning "man" is not uncommon in Jutland, at least. It does have a bit of a dialect ring to it, and will thus often be pronounced /ien/ or /jen/. More and more "man" is being replaced with "du", possibly an influence from English "you".