Danish: Det bliver vel nok festligt!


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Det bliver vel nok festligt!
My literal understanding of the phrase is "It's becoming (or "is going to become"?) really festive".

Does it mean, "the celebration is going to be really big" or "the festive mood is picking up"?

Mange tak!
  • jette(DK)

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    Assuming that your phrase is Danish ... and assuming that you're looking for an English translation ...

    "Det bliver" = "It is going to be"
    "vel nok" = approx. "I'm sure" (because things point in that direction)
    "festligt" = depending on context ... "great fun", "that creates a festive asmosphere"

    Put them all together and you'll get something like:
    "I'm sure that this will be very entertaining/funny"


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    Yes, it was Danish.

    Tak for oversættelsen, Jette. It seems to make perfect sense to me now!
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